Metre builds the infrastructure required for sales teams to be successful. With Metre, you’ll be armed with smarter strategy, better proposals and meaningful data that results in more wins and happier, more productive staff.


Metre manages and develops winning proposals for government or private opportunities. We help you respond to formal request for proposals (RFPs) or qualifications (RFQs) and can plug in wherever you need us. We provide project management, strategy development, writing, editing, design and production services.

Process Definition & Implementation

Metre creates consistency and discipline by defining, documenting and implementing processes that support all members of your sales department. Capture sales data, fuel strategy, measure performance and put content within easy reach of your team members by maximizing


Set your sales support team up for success. Metre trains your staff to create persuasive proposals, manage proposal content, and use to their advantage.


Metre designs and implements practical solutions for storing, managing and accessing sales and marketing content.


Metre improves sales effectiveness by arming sales reps with market and competitor intelligence. We find your target audience and develop sales plans and initiatives to help you close the deal.


Take full advantage of Salesforce and minimize rework as well as guesswork. Metre’s business analysts leverage technology to automate administrative processes, improve information capture, encourage collaboration, and improve reporting.

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