“Metre’s value is in their knowledge of the sales process and their communications expertise. . . Metre gets the big picture, see the gaps, comes up with a plan, and then executes it. In short, it’s pursuit of excellence.” – Brian Jones, Senior VP, H2U

“Metre brings exceptional writing expertise, often spanning many geographic locations and large work teams, to achieve a well coordinated and streamlined RFP response.” – Jim Purvis, VP, Healthways

“Metre understands extremely well.  They can talk about things that are hard to articulate, and they can create messaging for that. I think it comes down to one word: experience.” – John Erwin, CEO, CareNet

“Metre is able to translate the big picture into actionable steps to make things happen and educate staff on what needs doing.” – Libby Krause, Technical Communications Consultant

“We used Metre to evaluate our company, identify processes needed, and put them in place, everything from development and evaluation of the RFPs through actual proposal submissions. Then Metre helped us develop the sales team, setting up systems like Salesforce.com, and then started at ground zero and helped us develop a world-class sales operation.” – Suzanne Ross, VP Marketing and Communications, AIM Specialty Health


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